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A motley collection of talented voice actors who live for your laughter. Sketch comedy, original music and a touch of mayhem.

Everybody has that weird friend, right? You know the one. Does weird stuff, knows weird things, IS just plain weird? Yeah, we do too. It’s Lyssa. She’s our weird friend and now she’s your friend too. Or will be as soon as she gets the new friend memo. She’s fairly agreeable.

The latest weird thing Lyssa is doing is making a podcast variety show. A little sketch comedy, some improv, her weird friends, original songs and who knows what else? Seriously, no one knows. From the creators of BS de Resistance comes the revival of the comedy variety show, featuring the astonishingly talented Suffolk & Goode Players theatre company and the musical genius of Chris Mezzolesta. The show is written by Lyssa Graham, Lori Furth, Dale Leopold and Jack Mooney.

Did you hear about the time Lyssa…

Performed improv following a memorial? Got an ovation for a eulogy? A eulogy where she made a fart joke? And blamed the dead guy? The dead guy who was RIGHT THERE in the room? Taught seniors about S-E-X when they thought it was an investment seminar? Chased a little person through Las Vegas? Bottle fed a baby tiger in her kitchen?

Tip: Do not play Never Have I Ever with her. You. Will. Lose.

Suffolk & Goode Purveyors of Fine comedy
Lyssa Graham for The My Friend Lyssa Podcast
Lyssa Graham

Lyssa Graham is your weird friend. And the cast’s weird friend. Apparently, she’s weird. She lives on an island next to Texas with her husband and superhero son. There are some dogs and cats too. And some fish whom the family believe are actually immortal gods given their staunch refusal to die. Lyssa has been a voice actor since she found out she could get paid to make mouth noises – roughly 17 years now. In addition to voicing everything from presidential campaign cat videos, perfume that turns you into an elf and an exhibit in the National Museum of Comedy, she’s been heard globally training corporate staff, answering phones and explaining all sorts of things. In short, everything but an elevator voice and goddammit where are the elevator people? Why aren’t they calling me? Listen – First Floor. That was beautiful and you know it.

Lyssa is the co-founder of the Suffolk & Goode Players along with Dale Leopold. She has served as head writer, talent wrangler and grammar sheriff on both BS de Resistance and My Friend Lyssa, in addition to playing herself, Nancy Pelosi, Mary Magdalene and anyone or anything else that comes up. Her life really is this weird and has made possible a ton of standup and humor writing. Thanks fam. She can make potstickers from scratch. This year she was nominated for the OneVoice Award for best political vo – female and one for telephony too. That girl will say anything for money.

Dustin Ebaugh for The My Friend Lyssa Podcast
Dustin Ebaugh
With over 20 years of experience in the voiceover industry, Dustin’s voice has been described as clear, natural, warm, friendly, agreeable, believable and trustworthy. His voice is ideal for narration, commercials, promos and radio and television station imaging.

Dustin has a fully equipped personal studio with ISDN, Neumann U87, Sennheiser 416, Fousrite Red 7, Focal monitors and all available connection and delivery methods.

He has been heard nationally on network television and radio, broadcast cable, MTV and VH-1. Dustin’s corporate narration clients include: The United Nations, General Electric, Pepsi, Intel, Delta Airlines, UBS, Kraft Foods, The Four Seasons Hotels, UPS, Cisco, The United States Air Force, Pizza Hut, American Express and many others.

Dustin is honored to be one of the founders of World-Voices Organization, an industry association for voice actors.

Dale Leopold for The My Friend Lyssa Podcast
Dale Leopold

Dale Leopold is a bilingual (English/Spanish) voice actor, writer and lyricist who has voiced commercials, audiobooks, political ads, animation and corporate narration for clients all over the world. He spent most of his childhood in Latin America, for reasons he is not allowed to discuss.

He lives near Richmond, Virginia with his wife Nora. In addition to his voice work, he has also acted on-camera and on the stage (every Halloween in Richmond, he gets to recreate Orson Welles’ role in The War of the Worlds).As a co-founder (along with Lyssa Graham) of the Suffolk & Goode Players, Dale has served as Showrunner for both shows (My Friend Lyssa and BS de Résistance), Co-writer, Lyricist, Sound Designer, Audio Editor and (of course) actor. With BSdR, he got to play a number of American leaders (Nixon, Clinton, Obama, Trump and Putin), as well as serving as the show’s Announcer.

He is delighted to have found a “tribe” of amazingly talented actors, writers and musicians who were willing to play with him. Both shows have been honored by the Hear Now! Audio Theatre Festival. Along with his musical partner Chris Mezzolesta, he’s now written more songs than Tom Lehrer. And he’ll never get over the thrill of hearing that his song, “The Eagle and the Bear,” hit #1 on the Dr. Demento Countdown.

Chris Mezzolesta for The My Friend Lyssa Podcast
Chris Mezzolesta

Originally from Long Island via adopted hometown Cleveland Ohio, and now residing in the Houston area, Chris Mezzolesta is a voice actor, musician, vocalist, and audio producer. His musical projects have included live and recorded jazz performances, live all-occasion band and theater pit orchestra work, and the comedy music of Power Salad, heard for years on the legendary “Dr. Demento” radio program and with many CD and vinyl releases.

Chris is an audio production nerd and spends much time analyzing variations in the sound of different issues of Beatles records, among other things. He is aware he has a problem. Chris voices projects such as eLearning, commercials and corporate audio for many diverse clients around the world from his purpose-built recording studio. In 2020 a Hallmark talking Christmas ornament of the Looney Tunes “Abominable Snowman with Daffy Duck” was released with Chris having been selected by Warner Bros. to voice match the legendary Mel Blanc as Hugo, the Abominable Snowman. He is proud of having been able to lend many different voices, as well as original music, to the projects of the Suffolk & Goode Players.

Nancy McLemore for The My Friend Lyssa Podcast
Nancy McLemore

A Louisiana native, Nancy McLemore has lived most of her life in Birmingham, AL, where she works in the voiceover world.  She can be heard on WBHM, the national public radio affiliate for central Alabama. Nancy is very involved in portraying different sick people for medical simulation, as well as a pretend surgeon to help train anesthesiologists. Nancy sings, plays stand-up bass and concertina in various bands. During the Covid-19 pandemic, she has taken up guitar.

Lori Furth for The My Friend Lyssa Podcast
Lori Furth

Raised on The Carol Burnett Show, Mad TV and In Living Color, Lori loves sketch comedy and has always wanted to write and perform it. Her dream has come true! Lori adds her acting chops and her lyric-writing skills to the mix of My Friend Lyssa. With over 20 years of experience as a writer and voice actor, Lori brings her characters and their situations to life–all to make you giggle and snort. Who doesn’t need that? Lori lives in Southern California with two sons, two cats and a waterfall.

Karyn O'Bryant for The My Friend Lyssa Podcast
Karyn O'Bryant

Karyn O’Bryant has performed live, on-camera, and behind the microphone for a wicked long time. She spent a lot of money to go to a fancy-pants acting conservatory so that she can stand in a teeny padded room and make mouth noises into a stick. Convincingly. She’s voiced animation, e-learning, corporate, telephony, documentary, commercials, audiobooks, ADR/looping, videos, radio, podcasts, and more. You can even BE Karyn in a video game called “Lake.” She also won some awards for convincingly being other people. Karyn likes to go outside and play, stay inside and make food, and ballroom dance. She has two cats and has done 12 Shakespeare plays. She’ll give you the family recipe for pork pie if you ask nicely.

George Washington III for The My Friend Lyssa Podcast
George Washington III
I have always wanted to make a living with my voice. For a long time, I had no real idea how to do it. That led me to a music degree from Northwestern University, a 20-year detour into information technology, 12 years as a chorus member and house artist with Opera Carolina, a couple of stints in corporate and broadcast television, and 4 years as director of a broadcast school.

When I landed in voiceover in 2003, I knew this is really where I belonged. It gave me a chance to tell stories, teach important histories, be different people and characters, and let me use the single greatest gift given to me by my father: my voice.

My work has extended to almost all areas of voiceover, including radio and television commercials, e-learning, telephony, video games, promo, documentary, museum, and corporate narration, explainers, and more.

My passions beyond VO include music, space science, human rights, and sports, particularly NBA basketball and Premier League Football.

Like most people, my life has had a bit of wonder to it. I like to use that wonder to infuse your message with my experience and make your words as heartfelt as possible. Let’s work together to continue the evolution of your message.

Rebecca Davis for The My Friend Lyssa Podcast
Rebecca Davis

Rebecca is a Multi Award Winning Voice Actress in Los Angeles.  She brings an abundance of training and extensive experience as a stage actor to every project she works on.  She works all over the voiceover stratosphere from animation, video games, live action dubbing, films, commercial, promos, and trailers. Speaking of movie trailers,  S\she was recently the first female in over a decade to be nominated for a Golden Trailer Award in the category of Best Voiceover and is frankin proud of that.

Notable credits include Pixar’s Incredibles 2, Nickelodeon’s Rainbow Butterfly Unicorn Kitty and Disney’s Lego Friends, Puss in Boots and more.  If you’re a gamer you’ll recognize her in titles such as Last of Us II, World of Warcraft, Astral Chain, Genshin Impact, Wasteland, and you guessed it, more.  She’s done a plethora of anime and live action and commercials.

She doesn’t know how to ride a bicycle. Seriously. We’re not joking.

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